I'm Madi Murphy a certified Astrologer, Empowerment coach & Shaman. I am here to be your guide on the most sacred journey and wildest adventure you’ll ever take… the journey back to yourself.

I have over 10 years of experience working with people who want to move past the old stories, self-limiting beliefs and negative behavioral patterns (aka the bulls*t) to get more deeply connected to their purpose, passion and gifts (aka the magic.)

The Cosmic Revolution was created to remind you...

⚡️ You are not Broken.

⚡️ Everything you need is already within you.

⚡️ Life is happening for you not to you.

⚡️ You are intuitive.

⚡️ You deserve pleasure.

⚡️ No one is you and that is your power.

⚡️ You are meant to LIVE your passion, not just long for it. Yes, you. You can turn any dream into a reality. 

⚡️ Holding yourself back is an affront to your radiance! 

⚡️ Life is not meant to be a struggle. 

⚡️ Creating sacred space is about embracing and turning on your deep, full, juicy JOY.

⚡️ There are tools to turning on your Sexy, soulful WARMTH.

⚡️ You have a powerful, pleasurable LIFE FORCE.

⚡️ You are your own healer.

⚡️ You are your own artist.

⚡️ You are your own muse.

⚡️ You are your own psychic.

⚡️ You are your own boss.

⚡️ You are the revolution.