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I love how much thought was put into everything that was shared with us. The creators of this course did a great job making the information bountiful and also accessible/understandable. I learn specific information about each part of my birth chart which helped me understand how to better comprehend and meet my needs as well as the needs of my close friends and family.


The Magic of You course was so informative. It has not only helped me understand astrology better in general but it has shown me how I can use astrology to live my life in "flow." I have never understood myself as much as I do now. This course has helped me improve my relationships and has given me validation for my work and the confidence that I am on the right path. The biggest take away from this course is learning how to go about life in a way that works for me. Rather than fighting to fit in a box that someone else created, I have learned to live within the "box" that was meant for me. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and how I work which has given me more confidence to live my life my way.


I loved learning about my own chart BUT also learning about all the other signs, planets and houses. Madi is real and easy to learn from, open to all questions and I highly recommend working with her and Audrey. The introduction into Shamanic Astrology has opened up a whole new way of looking at the cosmos for me. It's hard to just pick one thing I like most!! I am super confident in the "big 3" and that has made a huge difference for me in understanding myself.


I learned how to communicate with myself through my birth chart. I would suggest this class even just for The self care tools for each sign.


It’s like a guidebook and you can chose how to apply and become your true self.


I loved getting to know how to better care for myself and how my communication style differs from others & how astrology can help me understand that.


Not only did it help me understand my astrology better, learning about other signs motivates me to approach others with more patience. People are wildly different! Madi's detailed explanation for each sign is what I liked most… going deep for each!


I loved learning about the archetypes of the signs through the shamanic astrology lens. It was super helpful to learn about the high octave version of each one. Learning about my strengths and weaknesses, as well as understanding why certain themes were an emphasis for me in life was very helpful.


I loved learning about all the houses and what they represent. I also loved learning all the self care tips for my big 3. Now I am understanding the combination of my sun and moon signs and how important the two of them together relate to my daily life.


I loved learning the how to interpret the intersection of houses/signs/planets in my own chart. I learned how certain planet placements like mercury/Venus/mars correlate certain personality traits within me.


I liked all the flash cards and quick reference guides and how to develop a deeply personal self care routine.


I loved the atmosphere. Madi is super fun, generous and shares her wealth of knowledge with authenticity, wit and spark. Audrey's work is so good and matches really well Madi's personality and teaching style. I learned that astrology is a language. You need to set the foundations, learn the basics and once you have that, it is time to start practicing "speaking". The core of astrology is storytelling. Learning your own blueprint through your natal chart is a great way to start seeing the elements of you that create your unique self. Having this knowledge you can make you more empowered in the journey of knowing yourself and from this place you can go back to your true self!


’The Magic of You’ opened me up to understand pieces of my that I never knew "why" I had.


 “Madi is seriously amazing. Within the past year that I have worked with her, I have experienced significant positive changes within my life, more than I could have ever imagined. Over the year, we have been working on various topics, trying to put me in balance over all. Yet once we started working on specifics, everything that came to her during our sessions came to fruition. It has been an incredible and indescribable experience. The one word I can use is magical. Working with Madi has been a magical experience, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you, Madi!”

Stephanie, New York, NY

“Madi is MAGICAL!!!!! I swear every time I talk to her something amazing happens to me. I’m a newbie to the spiritual world, and she’s shown me the limitless possibilities, and helped me realize that I AM the one that will make it happen - with a little “mad juice” magic fairy dust of course :) She’s totally personable, I feel like she’s a friend I’ve known for years. I’m incredibly grateful to be working with such an amazing and inspiring woman!”

Jenna, Brooklyn, NY

“Coaching with Madi helped me not only to get back in touch with my spirituality, but it helped me also to practice more self-love, which I didn't realize I was lacking. Madi’'s way of first working to strengthen my foundation was so key in order for me to make any real lasting changes. The wisdom and techniques she shared with me I continue to use daily. Madi has added so much value to my life and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you again.”

Jessica, Miami, FL

“Before working with Madi, I second-guessed if I even had a purpose in life. Now I know that I do and I know how to live it. It’s like my world went from black and white to color. I am truly forever changed by this work and by Madi’s cosmic guidance.

Marley, Los Angeles, CA

“Madi understands the spiritual realm but also the business world. She is MAGICAL AF and is so easy to connect with and to allow her to guide you on a journey back to your true self. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE WORKED WITH THIS INCREDIBLE SOUL AND TO CALL HER A FRIEND NOW. LOVE YOU MADI.”

Brooke, New York, NY 

”I think as women we tend to listen to outside forces that create doubt for us in our evaluations of our life situations, our decisions and our belief in ourselves. For me, Madi has guided me to create an awareness within me to listen to my intuition, embrace my emotions and based on this TRUST MYSELF and move forward with confidence. It manifests in a very physical way with a feeling of alignment and powerful self trust when I practice what Madi has taught me. 

I will continue the point above in the area of self doubt! I don’t know a single entrepreneur who does not have doubt about their chances of success, if they are on the right path and making smart decisions and women more so because of the forces pushing against us. 

Madi helps me develop a sense of clarity to how I see the way forward for my business and career. She has created in me a sense of heightened awareness of the way I feel about what I am facing and to listen to those feelings instead of ignoring them. These have been both warning signs and also signs of great joy. Working with Madi has opened my senses to see and feel opportunity as it comes to me and to understand the things that I am using to block those opportunities. Again when I work with Madi there is such a physical feeling for me of openness and release that I walk away with real tools that serve my career, business and myself. 

I recommend working with Madi because she gives you tools to help yourself and to trust yourself. She guides you to the inner feeling of trust for your intuition and to assist in releasing that self sabotaging behavior. Imagine walking away feeling strong and powerful and happy - I feel this way every time Madi creates that openness and awareness for me. Once those things happen the world of what is possible expands exponentially! “

Nina B, New York, NY

I loved listening to Madi talk, lol. Her voice is quite soothing and it got to a point where after the 21 days I was like what do I do with my morning now. haha. I still journal and meditate but not nearly as consistently as I was. I loved the PDFs and little Mirror Mantras. I don't always use the ones directly from the course but I do still use my own mantras in the mirror.


The audio messages felt like a one-on-one educational session with Madi. I took notes and everything. Helped me to connect with the material way more than just an email or PDF


My favorite parts about this course were (1) the specific tools and actions presented in multiple forms-- email, audio, PDF, and (2) the fact that it was flexible and could be self-paced but also had the opportunity for real-time connection on Q&As and the Facebook group. It really brought home the common humanity lesson to be able to experience this with community!